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Shachi is a budding writer, picture book reviewer, and a storyteller, with a singular focus on introducing children to a new language and culture through picture books.


Raised in India, Shachi moved to Round Rock, Texas a couple of years ago with her husband to begin a new life. As an active community member, Shachi volunteers at the Round Rock Public Library. She hosts a monthly bilingual Hindi-English storytime. Over the years, the storytime has become popular within the community, receiving a great response from parents. The joy brought to children’s faces by reading stories to them has always been the driving force for Shachi. She receives immense pleasure and gratification with her storytime acts for children. As a result, she decided to look for other ways to spread the joy of picture books beyond her monthly storytime catering to the local area.


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Austin SCBWI 2019 Writers & Illustrators Working Conference Highlights
More than 215 people attended the Austin SCBWI 2019 Writers & Illustrators Working Conference on May 18-19 and left inspired …

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1. 10x Growth Conference

Our parents always tell us don’t talk to strangers but strangers have everything.. 10X your life by talking and interacting …


Tips and Resources to Teach Your Children About Ramadan

Ramadan, also known as Ramazan, is one of the most special months of the Islamic year when Muslims pray, fast and help those in need. Learning and being a part of different cultures and beliefs from an early age is incredibly important. The introduction of new people,...

10 LGBTQ+ Children’s Books to Read Your Kids This Pride Month

June, aka National LGBTQ Pride Month, has arrived which means it’s the perfect time to teach your children about acceptance and share the celebration of Pride with these LGBTQ+ children’s books. After all, these children are the future. One way to teach children is...

Splash Pads Bring the Summer Fun

With Austin’s sweltering summers, a perfect way to beat the heat is to drench it. And one of the best spots for cooling off is your local splash pad. No matter what part of town you live in, there’s a splash pad close by. Here are a few we visited recently. Round Rock...

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